Whether you are a company, a restaurant or hotel, visual or music artist, a sports team or athlete, a charity, or anything really, NDiiD will delight and amaze your customers by allowing them to instantly capture what we call a DiiD, which has many of the benefits of having your own app, but with none of the negatives. NDiiD is a great way for customers to access everything about your business, without the hassles of digging through websites, creating accounts, or filling out forms. The NDiiD platform is designed with customers’ privacy first and foremost.

The NDiiD app and DiiDs do not have accounts in the traditional sense, so there are no usernames or passwords to compromise. NDiiD does not collect and store PII, nor does it employ any tracking tools or cookies to follow customers around the web. NDiiD can provide similar functionality of apps or websites, while collecting analytic performance data on your DiiD, without compromising privacy or security of the user. This means your company will be privacy compliant around the globe.

At TMC we pride ourselves to bring this new technology to the Spanish market. Please contact us should you have any further questions 

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